Evaluations, Research, and Development of Autism, ADHD, Dylexia, and other neurological conditions

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About Us

Dedicated Experts

Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified neurologist, psychologist, therapists, and technical professionals. 


A multi-disciplinary team will evaluate the unique needs of each child and provide appropriate recommendations and   documents.

Research And Development

We are developing new methods and programs to help individuals with learning disabilities and autism to improve social and learning skills.

Team and Resources

Dilip J. Karnik, MD

Dr. Karnik is a well-known and renowned board-certified pediatric neurologist with 40 years of practice experience. He has been repeatedly selected as a super doctor in Texas and has published several books and medical articles. His interests are autism, ADHD,  and Learning Disabilities. 

PediNeuro Brain Lab

Our brain lab team consists of a psychologist, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and laboratory technologists capable of doing academic and cognitive evaluations, attention tests, brain wave analysis, and  autism evaluations.

Technology Research and Development

Our team of doctors and engineers is engaged in developing new methods and applications to improve quality of life for children and adults with autism, neurocognitive disorders, and learning disabilities.

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